Melanie (myprimalscream) wrote in sappy_movies,

Any Favorites You'd like to Recomend????

I have recently been aquiring some older films on DVD primarily romantic comedies. I was wondering if anyone would recomend some good films that are available on DVD to grow and enhance my collection.

The movies I have so far are:

Abbot & Costello Africa Screams
Abbot & Costello Jack & the Beanstalk
Barefoot in the park
Chorus Line (its a classic 2 me)
Gone With the Wind
How to Succeed in business w/o really trying
If A Man Answers
It's A Wonderful Life
Lover Come Back
Pajama Game, The
Pillow Talk
Send Me No Flowers
That Funny Feeling
That Touch of Mink
Young At Heart

I love them all & am looking for more along the lines of the films I listed above. Does anyone have any dvd recomendations for me?
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